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Day 97: Tuna Pasta Salad & Fish Sticks

Today I did my big shop at Aldi. It has been exactly 3 weeks since the last one. I also picked up a book from the library! It all went smoothly except the library lost one of the two books they were supposed to have for me.

None of the meat I bought has an expiration date before 6/22 which I thought was pretty good! Matt is going to H Mart tomorrow to stock up on mostly shelf stable items to make meals more interesting.

I didn’t see a single person without a mask yesterday!

I made tuna salad Tuesday so I had that after I got back. Having food ready makes it so much easier! Grocery shopping really wears me out and buying for 3-4 weeks at a time is a lot to unpack.

For dinner we had fish sticks (the wild caught ones at Aldi are very good!) and I made more cucumber salad and baked potatoes. I hadn’t really had fish sticks since I was a kid but if we are going to be making all our meals we really need to include some shortcuts.

Non-food related activities:

I started the adult summer reading program for the City.

Listened to more of In Your Own Backyard. I wish someone else was the host! There is a case about a woman who went missing who had attended my high school I think would make a good podcast. I’d do a better job than this guy.

We finally finished the Good Fight! Now to cancel the CBS app.

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