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Day 100: Noodles & Enchiladas

Matt made us breakfast sandwiches with the “biscuit slices” of ham (it really just looks like Canadian bacon) and English muffins I bought at Aldi. I froze some of the ham because it expires really soon. I thought it said July 22nd but it was June. Weird because ham normally has really good expiration dates. If it doesn’t defrost well, oh well. I hate food waste but the whole package cost about as much as a Egg McMuffin and I would have tried.

Then around 3 we got hungry and Matt made us some Neoguri stir fry noodles. They look like the soup noodles but you drain them then add some packets and stir fry them briefly. I suggested tossing in some dandelion greens from our produce delivery and adding and egg and somehow he ended up sautéing the greens with garlic and rehydrated mushrooms. The packets had little tanuki fish cakes that rehydrated when it cooked which was a cute surprise.

I put up a giant jar of turnip greens to pickle.

For dinner he wanted to make a small batch of enchiladas with chicken and leftover tomatillo sauce from Thursday. He made the tortillas but they were a little small and thick so he ended up making a layered casserole type thing. Not quite what he wanted but it was still tasty.

Non-food related activities:

Cleaning, watched The Woods on Netflix. It’s better than the English language Harlen Corbin miniseries by a lot.

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