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Day 101: Chicken Wraps & Burgers (with homemade buns!)

For lunch we made wraps with the red lettuce from our produce box, tomatoes from a few boxes ago (miraculously still good), honey mustard and leftover chicken tenders from Friday night on spinach wraps from Aldi. The chicken reheated surprisingly well and was quite good on the wrap.

For dinner Matt made homemade hamburger buns using the King Arthur flour recipe and topped them with everything seasoning. I made coleslaw as the side (exactly 2 portions) and we topped the burgers with more tomato, red onions and Gouda (sliced, from Aldi). They were really good! We haven’t had ground beef since March I think, the leaner beef hasn’t been i the store the last 3 times I’ve shopped. I bought two family packs and froze it up in 1 lb bundles.

Nonfood related activities:

I talked to my parents and my mom wants me to make more crafts? Magnets on top of the felt Christmas ornaments she already requested. Oy. I’ll do it but it really isn’t my idea of a fun time! We made felt photo ornaments like 25 years ago when I was a kid and now she wants more. I don’t know if she thinks I want to do this or what but I can’t very well turn a woman with brain cancer down. This is the one year anniversary of the discovery of the tumor and her first surgery. It’s amazing she’s still here and totally with it mentally.

We watched too much TV today. Matt was tired and I didn’t feel great. We watched Kitchen on (Netflix) DVD, then finished The Woods on Netflix then watched the Tiffany Haddish special on Netflix then started rewatching Black Spot because I want to watch season 2 and Matt doesn’t really remember season 1 that well. I think we watched it on Prime like 2 years ago so I guess that’s fair. I like the story and that they have the kind of French accents and slowness of speech that I can understand when they are talking so I don’t have to be glued to the subtitles like I did with The Woods in Polish. The Woods was pretty good but did not make us want to go to Poland at all what with the casual antisemitism.

I am almost done reading Vera Kelly is Not a Mystery and I hope she writes another! The books are fun and I like her writing style a lot. She packs a lot of depth into a short book.

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