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Day 102: Tuna Salad & Shrimp and Mushroom Pasta

For lunch I made tuna salad and served it on the leftover hamburger buns from yesterday. Making homemade buns always stresses me out because we are only two people and they go stale so quickly yet it’s difficult to scale a recipe that only makes a few buns. I used up the last of the lettuce and large tomato from our produce delivery. Just in time for more tomorrow!

For dinner I made a pasta dish with frozen shrimp, garlic scapes, miso, mushrooms and spinach that was really good! I think I might have to post it over on Coconut & Lime even though I didn’t take great pictures of it.

Non-food related activities:

Matt’s tai chi school had it’s first virtual lesson/class today. He said it was a little tricky but he managed. We paid when they were closed so they are giving everyone who paid this month free to try out the new format. I think they might switch to outdoor classes but he’s not sure if he is comfortable with that.

We rewatched more of Black Spot on Netflix. It really is a funny show despite the sort of grim premise. We also watched Grantchester on the PBS app. I feel like our tv watching has gone up but there isn’t a lot to do when you aren’t going anywhere! By the time we eat dinner we are normally too tired to play a game beyond New Horizons. At least I can practice my French watching Black Spot.

I finished My Own Backyard and I am disgusted with myself for listening to it all. The finale episode was the police guy in charge of the case now talking about how astute the host was. I literally laughed out loud. No wonder they haven’t made any real headway in 20 years. I also listened to most of the latest Gee Thanks, Just Bought It. I skipped most of the one with the little girl, she did a great job with her business but I know zero small children to give books to.

I finished Vera Drake is Not A Mystery at like 1:30 this morning. I think I liked it more than the first! I’m a little surprised she is making it into a series but I hope there is more. I started The Majesties by Tiffany Tsao and I’m not sure if I like it or not. I’m like 30% done already so I might keep pressing on. I like the concept and the setting but I’m still not getting a great feel for the characters yet. I actually started The Body Double by Emily Beyda first but on the first page she said that Mr. Pibb and Mello Yellow were generic sodas, which the Coca-Cola company would be surprised to learn, I’m sure, and it sort of soured it for me. She also mentioned Dr Smooth which is a Canadian soda (possibly generic, I’m not Canadian so who knows) and Moon Mist (a Faygo flavor). This sort of thing always bothers me because why not just make up names? Or Google? I know it is about a body double so maybe she was trying to make some point about sodas that are generic versions of the originals but it’s muddled because they really aren’t generics. Anyway, it irked me so I returned it to the library. I actually think I have an ARC of it on my Kindle if I change my mind. Her writing in general was a little stilted and I have 4 other books checked out I need to finish so onward!

Also did a lot of work on C & L.


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