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Day 103: Tosilog

For lunch I had a leftover roll, which I sliced, sprinkled with cheese and toasted with the leftover burger, broken up in the same pan. Matt had noodles and cottage cheese. What gourmets we are!

For breakfast for dinner Matt made tosilog with tocino he bought at HMart, and the necessary garlic fried rice (it’s a little dark because he made it in the same pan as he cooked the tocino) and fried egg. On the side he made some mustard greens drizzled with spicy coconut vinegar I found in the back of the cabinet. It was so good! We hadn’t bought the H Mart tocino before but it was tasty.

I made a quick pickle with a cucumber from last week’s produce box but I haven’t tried it yet.

So much giant produce in our produce box this week. The fridge is overflowing. I froze some chicken to make room and it still wasn’t enough. The kohlrabi alone is filling most of the second shelf. I also have some produce I bought at Aldi to use up (we don’t know what we are getting in the boxes until a day and a half before delivery so I always get some produce at Aldi just in case all we end up with is lettuce). It’s very overwhelming! I have a head of lettuce perched on some pickles in the door. It’s too hot to leave stuff out in our unairconditioned house.

Non-food activities:

Finished my book which I didn’t love. Started a new one.

Finished rewatching season one of Black Spot.

Started looking for a new podcast to listen to.

Wrote up the miso pasta recipe.

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