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Day 104: Eggplant Pasta & Snacks

Matt’s on call this week and thought he might be busy this evening so I made our “big” meal for lunch. I roasted eggplant and tossed it with sautéd garlic scapes, spinach, chicken breast and the leftover cooked (plain) pasta from Monday (I made the whole pound when I made this and we ate maybe half of it). We have a lot left so I think we will have it tomorrow for dinner too, Matt has a Zoom with his parents for their anniversary some around dinner time so it would nice to not have to cook.

For dinner I had a hot dog on an English muffin, sauerkraut and some of the spicy refrigerator pickles I made yesterday. I did not mean to have such a salty meal! It just happened.

I really want to make this frozen lemonade tomorrow! I wanted to today but Matt has been busy all day and I don’t want to interrupt. I also need to do something with those kohlrabi greens.

Non-food related activities:

Today kind of got away from me, I did a lot on C & L today and somehow the whole afternoon/early evening was gone.

I finished The Lady’s Handbook For Her Mysterious Illness by Sarah Ramey. It was a struggle to get through. She really talked in circles a lot and made endless references to Harry Potter. I have never read Harry Potter and I would not have thought a book about chronic illness and the medical community ignoring women would have so much about it. It was an odd choice.

I started season 2 of Faded Out. I haven’t listened to season 1 but I hear there is a spin-off of season 2 that’s good so I started there. The episodes are really short! They sort of abruptly end.

My back feels a little funny. I had opened our top freezer yesterday and something fell out. I bent over to pick it up and when I stood up I hit the door of the freezer with my back. I don’t see a bruise but it’s a little achy. Sitting on my uncomfortable office chair all day didn’t help either.

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