daily recap · what we ate

107: Cornflake Schnitzel

The days all run together but today was Saturday! Some how we managed to do very little.

For lunch we had our “big meal” again. I made potato salad with arugula from our produce delivery and Matt made (pork) schnitzel with cornflakes instead of breadcrumbs. It was very good and crispy! Who knew? It finished off one box of cornflakes so now we have like 2 to go? Why did I keep buying cornflakes when we don’t really eat cereal?

For dinner I had yesterday’s leftovers (there was not much left even for one person) and some pretzels. Matt had noodles/cottage cheese/OTAMOT sauce. More cookies. I figure we eat them while they are fresh and then they are gone.

Nonfood related nonsense:

Somehow the bathroom sink was left running and it overflowed? The old timey stopper is never actually water tight but somehow it was today and the overflow hole must have let some water out but not enough to keep it from pouring all over the side of the sink. Luckily we hadn’t gone to bed or anything but between this and the oil spill yesterday Matt somehow didn’t notice until like a liter spilled, I’m starting to suspect poltergeist.

I read more of my book, we finished Black Spot and started rewatching Dark since the third and final season is out and it has been years since we saw season one. We didn’t bother with two because we heard a third was coming out. Normally we don’t rewatch things but between both shows having time plots, years passing between watchings and being in other languages it’s harder to remember. Dark would be complicated even in English. At least Black Spot is in French which we both understand pretty well.

I don’t understand how we watched like 2 hrs of tv made lunch, heated up dinner and did virtually nothing else yet it is nearly midnight .

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