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Day 100: Noodles & Enchiladas

Matt made us breakfast sandwiches with the “biscuit slices” of ham (it really just looks like Canadian bacon) and English muffins I bought at Aldi. I froze some of the ham because it expires really soon. I thought it said July 22nd but it was June. Weird because ham normally has really good expiration dates. If it doesn’t defrost well, oh well. I hate food waste but the whole package cost about as much as a Egg McMuffin and I would have tried.

Then around 3 we got hungry and Matt made us some Neoguri stir fry noodles. They look like the soup noodles but you drain them then add some packets and stir fry them briefly. I suggested tossing in some dandelion greens from our produce delivery and adding and egg and somehow he ended up sautéing the greens with garlic and rehydrated mushrooms. The packets had little tanuki fish cakes that rehydrated when it cooked which was a cute surprise.

I put up a giant jar of turnip greens to pickle.

For dinner he wanted to make a small batch of enchiladas with chicken and leftover tomatillo sauce from Thursday. He made the tortillas but they were a little small and thick so he ended up making a layered casserole type thing. Not quite what he wanted but it was still tasty.

Non-food related activities:

Cleaning, watched The Woods on Netflix. It’s better than the English language Harlen Corbin miniseries by a lot.

daily recap · planning · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 99: Jajangmyeon & Chicken Tenders

For lunch I made some packets of jajangmyeon Matt bought at H-Mart. They didn’t have the fresh noodles so he got this instead of us making our own from scratch. It was pretty good! We had one pork chop left from the 3 we had for dinner last night (I saved it without the sauce) so I diced that up and tossed it in.

I prepped mustard greens to pickle tomorrow and left them to dry on the enclosed porch.

For dinner I made chicken tenders. I missed the really fluffy battered kind we get at one restaurant so I tried to make a lemon pepper version. It turned out great! The physical piece of chicken seemed to greatly expand when it was frying (??) because the final pieces were huge despite the chicken tenderloin (when raw) being rather narrow and only about the length of my hand when I took them out of the package. I don’t really understand what happened but I don’t normally fry large pieces of chicken breast or boneless meat too often. We also tried Aldi brand tots (not bad, maybe needed an extra minute in the oven) and a bagged salad. Since I’m making so much food so often I really need to have some meals with only one labor intensive part to it. Since the chicken was freakishly big once cooked, we have some leftover.

Hogan has opened the state (and our mayor, the city) to basically 50% capacity everywhere despite he sharing that he personally, with his health issues, doesn’t feel comfortable dining in at a restaurant. Of course he thinks it’s fine if you have those same conditions and work there! People really can’t think past their own selves. Like how Trump hate germs and illness and no one is allowed near him with a cough but it’s all fine if we get a virus and die.

Non-food related activities:

We watched Greta on DVD (Netflix) which seemed like two movies stitched together. I wonder if there was some drama during production?

Matt worked lateish and got a call during dinner so we didn’t do much.

I finished a book and started the new Vera Kelly book.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 98: Salads & Tomatillo Pork Chops

For lunch Matt had the leftover tuna salad and I had leftover cucumber salad and a couple of saltines.

After lunch, I made blueberry muffins for Matt’s breakfasts. Aldi had nice looking blueberries yesterday! I’ve finished the 100 pack of muffin liners I bought mid-April. Matt went to H Mart. H Mart is a fair distance away in another county so it is quite a journey! He took one of our coolers and ice packs. It’s not that hot but we do that even in the winter when we shop there.

Actually ate a whole muffin for a snack! I normally maybe have a bite and let Matt have the rest for his breakfasts. They were really good.

For dinner Matt made pork chops, fresh tomatillo sauce and wild rice pilaf with swiss chard.

Non-food related activities:

The In Your Own Backyard host continues to vex me. At least I’m almost done! He goes to the prime suspect’s house. He talks about how he is not the first person to do this and that the neighbors are tired of this. He doesn’t say how he knows they are tired. He then goes on to say that he doesn’t know if the neighbors don’t know who the suspect is or if they just don’t care. That seems like a leap. Maybe they know and do think it’s weird or upsetting but what are they supposed to do? Move because a man who was a suspect in a woman’s disappearance in another city 20 years ago moved in? Then he goes to the door and knocks. A neighbor says something he doesn’t understand then goes into his own house and the host, Chris Lambert, leaps to the conclusion that a person is going inside to get a weapon or to call the police. Wouldn’t the most obvious thing the neighbor might have said is “he’s not home?” or “he doesn’t open the door to strangers” or something along those lines? Who calls the police on someone knocking on their neighbor’s door? I mean, I’m sure someone somewhere has but I wouldn’t think it is the most logical conclusion. Nor is getting a weapon. What an escalation for what could have been someone with the wrong address or early for a get-together at their neighbor’s house. I can’t tell if the host just isn’t a critical thinker or if he is trying to manufacture drama where there is none. Then he talks about a girl who was found murdered who worked for Coca-Cola like the suspect but disappeared a year before he started at another bottling plant. How on earth does he think that’s connected?

daily recap · what we ate

Day 97: Tuna Pasta Salad & Fish Sticks

Today I did my big shop at Aldi. It has been exactly 3 weeks since the last one. I also picked up a book from the library! It all went smoothly except the library lost one of the two books they were supposed to have for me.

None of the meat I bought has an expiration date before 6/22 which I thought was pretty good! Matt is going to H Mart tomorrow to stock up on mostly shelf stable items to make meals more interesting.

I didn’t see a single person without a mask yesterday!

I made tuna salad Tuesday so I had that after I got back. Having food ready makes it so much easier! Grocery shopping really wears me out and buying for 3-4 weeks at a time is a lot to unpack.

For dinner we had fish sticks (the wild caught ones at Aldi are very good!) and I made more cucumber salad and baked potatoes. I hadn’t really had fish sticks since I was a kid but if we are going to be making all our meals we really need to include some shortcuts.

Non-food related activities:

I started the adult summer reading program for the City.

Listened to more of In Your Own Backyard. I wish someone else was the host! There is a case about a woman who went missing who had attended my high school I think would make a good podcast. I’d do a better job than this guy.

We finally finished the Good Fight! Now to cancel the CBS app.

daily recap · planning · what we ate

Day 96: BLTs

I realized we still had some lettuce from last week’s produce delivery so I made BLTs for lunch. That finished up our bacon, lettuce and the last of the bread.

For dinner we had hot dogs. Matt justified it by saying we’ve had bacon-wrapped hot dogs so we can have one day with bacon and hot dogs in the same day. We were really just at the end of food in the fridge. I served it with kale mashed potatoes.

Non-food related thoughts and activities:

I set up a pick up time to get some library books tomorrow then I will go to Aldi for another big shop. How has it been 3 weeks already? I think we’d be fine for a bit more thanks to all we have in the freezer but I keep thinking things will get worse and I might really want those things in the freezer.

I don’t think I’m going to keep requesting physical books, the two that are in are ones I requested back in January. I have a bag of returns. I think I might have some books from other counties requested but that system is shut down so I can’t check and they aren’t sending them out. My local branch isn’t doing book pick up (it has extremely limited parking) so I have to go to a different branch at my appointed time, call them and they bring a bag out to me.

It just seems like a hassle. I prefer books on my kindle anyway; it was mostly older or more obscure books I was getting physical copies for and I can do without for a while. I can always change my mind of something I really want is only available as a physical book.

We finished season 2 of Hidden on Acorn.

I think the host of the Your Own Backyard podcast isn’t very bright. He keeps pushing things (like the found shoe) as related to the case even when it doesn’t seem like the same shoe Kristen Smart was wearing and it could easily have been beat up looking because it was ran over on nearby freeway not because it had been in the woods for years.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 94: Chips & Spam Fried Rice

Today was a little sodium heavy! Eep!

I ended up eating some tortilla chips and salsa for lunch. Matt had noodles and cottage cheese.

For dinner Matt made Spam fried rice with bok choy from last week’s produce box and zucchini I bought on May 27th at Aldi. How’s that for produce holding up?! He made a massive amount so we will have leftovers for another day.

Non-food related activities:

We are planning to go grocery shopping this week (I’m going on Wednesday and Matt’s probably going Thursday) so I’m trying to clear out the fridge and not generate a lot of leftovers after today.

Matt mowed the lawn and that took most of the afternoon.

He also cut his own hair.

I did more work on my blog and started and didn’t like a few books.

I wanted to play a game outside today but it got sort of sticky out by the time the lawn was done .

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 93: Nachos & Spaghetti

For lunch I made sheet pan nachos with the leftover pork from yesterday, onions, cheese, black beans and salsa.

For dinner I made tuna meatballs in tomato sauce. I’m going to post the recipe next week on Coconut & Lime so look for that. It was really tasty and made with all pantry ingredients.

Non-food related activities:

Matt removed a ton of poison ivy from the backyard.

We watched more Spirited on Prime and The Good Fight on the CBS app. I want to finish that up so we can cancel it until something else we like premiers.

I worked on C & L and finished the last book in the series by Kate White.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 92: Soup & Quesadillas

A real thrill ride around here!

For lunch we just had some canned soup. I also had some hummus and cucumber spears.

For dinner we made pork quesadillas with marinated pork I had put up in the slow cooker in the morning.

Non-food related activities:

Worked on Coconutandlime.com

We watched In the Dark but Matt decided he doesn’t like it anyone a halfway through the episode.

We started a Norwegian show on Mhz.

daily recap · re-purposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 91: Chicken Sandwiches & Cucumber Salad

For lunch I made sandwiches with the leftover chicken thighs, tomato and lettuce and served them with leftover lentil salad.

In the afternoon I made some cucumber salad to have with dinner. For dinner we had smoked salmon with red onions and cream cheese on English muffins (Matt) and crackers (me) and some chips.

Non-food related activities:

We watched Eve’s Bayou on DVD. Matt had somehow never seen it!

We watched the last A Touch of Cloth on Prime.

I listened to some of the Your Own Backyard podcast. The host seems like someone I’d want to punch.