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Day 113: Tuna & Tteokbokki

The pork smelled really bad this morning so we had to toss it out. I don’t understand what keeps happening with the pork roasts. The expiration date was 7/7 or 7/8. So frustrating because we basically planned all our meals this weekend around it.

So Matt made us some tuna salad for lunch while we thought about what to make for the rest of the weekend.

We had a bunch of stuff from his H Mart visit so he ended up making tteokbokki for dinner. The kimbap place we love makes a really good traditional version that has cabbage in it, hard boiled egg and fish cakes. We didn’t have fish cakes so he used fried tofu and we had a ton of Swiss chard so we used that instead of cabbage. It was really good! Not quite the same as we’ve had out but tasty for using up what we had on hand. It made so much we have another meal covered.

Nonfood related activities:

We watched Hamilton on Disney+ I canceled it but we still have it for a couple more weeks. It was good but I thought that some of the people that were in it when we saw it live were a little better. I wonder why if they filmed it almost five years ago it took so long to come out?

Watched some of the new Babysitter’s Club on Netflix. It was really cute.

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