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Day 117: Sardine Cakes & Popcorn

For lunch I made some sardine cakes with leftover baked potatoes and served them with the leftover couscous. That was our main meal of the day.

After lunch I roasted a pre-marinated pork loin I bought at Aldi about 3 weeks ago. The sell by date was coming up so I figured it would keep better cooked. I didn’t want to eat it today and I don’t like freezing things too close to their sell by date.

For dinner Matt made beet greens and I had some popcorn with Trader Joe’s Everything But the Elote seasoning. Matt had noodles and cottage cheese.

Non-food related activities:

I finished the Riley Sager book at like 1 am. It was fun! I started another book but I’m not sure if I’m going to keep going or give up.

I’m still listening to season 2 of Faded Out. I don’t like the addition of Joe Aguiar. He wasn’t in the earlier episodes but he’s been in the last few. He’s really off-putting and keeps repeating that Doreen was a mature looking and attractive 12 year old or that she looked older than her age etc and that’s really irrelevant and gross. She was 12 and possibly abused and then murdered by her father. Joe Aguiar really adds nothing else. He just loudly talks about nothing. It seems like he’s a producer but I don’t understand why he needs to be on the actual podcast talking. Then in another episode he says it’s “creepy” that another man (the landlord) who met Doreen a few times said she was pretty. What? He does the same thing several times. He also keeps insisting that saying the child looked like “Lydia from Beetlejuice” is strange or damning in some way but really, she was a pale girl with black hair. The movie had just come out. She really did look like Winona Ryder back then.

He really seems to push the other hosts to make some leaps in logic that wasn’t an issue in the first part of season 2. He keeps insisting that people should remember this case among his fellow church goers and other people in the general area but then they both say the case was in the media mostly as a runaway type situation. In 1988. How long are people going to remember that? It’s unfortunate but it doesn’t seem like the case got much attention then and they had only lived in their new house 10 days. How much are the neighbors, a landlord and such going to remember or care? His insistence (that the other hosts have joined in on) that people need to talk to them to clear their name or clear things up is strange. These people who barely knew the ones involved really don’t owe them anything. If I listened to this podcast and heard how they pick everyone apart, I don’t think I’d want to go on either. The way they talked about the new owners of the house was really aggressive. It’s okay not to want strangers on your property and they’d have no way of knowing if you were who you said they were. They had nothing to do with the case at all but they talked about them for like 40 minutes and kept saying how strange they were. Maybe they just wanted to live their lives?!

At night we watched Queen and Slim which was beautifully shot but a little uneven. Great cast though.

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