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Day 118: Sandwiches & Sesame Noodles

Matt took the day off to take Lulu to the vet. She’s fine, just a check up and shots visit. He has a lot of vacation days to use up.

After he dropped her off he went to our local Italian grocery for some cheese and sausage and other goodies (it’s been 3 weeks since we last shopped) and had them make us some sandwiches to go.

It was weird to eat food that someone else made. Tasty! But weird.

The sandwiches were huge so for dinner I made some sesame soba with yellow squash and cucumber ribbons and some fried tofu. It was really good! I heated up the tofu (the pre-fried kind we bought at H Mart) and the squash then let it sit in the sauce (similar to this one) to cool while I made the soba. I had been kind of off soba for a while but it is so easy to make just two portions of it and it is nice to eat something cool when it is so hot. Since Matt isn’t going into work I don’t have to worry about making food that generates so many leftovers for lunches.

Non-food related activities:

Matt was going to attend a live tai chi class via zoom but they seemed to have had technical difficulties so he watched last week’s recorded class. It seems like everyone but him went to the in-person class today. We just don’t feel comfortable until there is some treatment and more info about the long term effects of the virus. People who get it seem to suffer for weeks and months even if it was a “mild” case with no hospitalization. Who knows how they will be in a year or if they get it again.

We watched some Dark season 3. It’s good but I’m glad they are ending it at 3 seasons. It’s so convoluted and the more plot lines they add the less I find myself caring about the characters.

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