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Day 119: Sandwiches & Hot Dogs

Today was a two sandwich day depending on how you fall on the “is a hot dog a sandwich” debate.

We had mortadella sandwiches as planned for lunch then when we went to make quesadillas for dinner we realized we didn’t have tortillas.

We pivoted and thought we’d just have some noodles with whatever vegetables and the pork I had cooked earlier in the week for quesadillas. Then Matt cut up the pork and it looked sort of bluish(??) inside. So we tossed that out.

Luckily we had hot dogs and rolls on hand and some broccoli that was miraculously still good from my Aldi shop on June 17th.

Normally I would not eat mortadella and hot dogs on the same day! We still have some mortadella left for tomorrow (and we are planning to have sausages from the Italian market for dinner) but after that I think we need to take a break from hot dog like meats for a few days!

One thing this pandemic has taught me is the importance of having some easy things like hot dogs and fish sticks on hand for times like this. In the before times, we probably would have just gotten takeout.

After lunch I made some carrot top corn muffins. Matt has decided they are too hardy for breakfast so we are going to freeze them and have them with soup or chili some day. I thought they came out great!

I placed another Weis order. This way Matt can skip going to the regular grocery on Wednesday when I go to Aldi. It’s all pantry or pharmacy items and potatoes.

Non-food related activities:

We watched Proof with Hugo Weaving on Netflix DVD. It was a little odd but good. Russell Crowe was in it looking like a baby and the woman who played the grifty aunt in Rosehaven was the stalkery housekeeper.

Still listening to Faded Out. Joe Aguiar is the worst! He is really dragging it down. He says the dumbest things like that you don’t expect attractive people to do sociopathic things.

I’m going to drop off the magnets and ornaments I made and some magazines at my parents tomorrow! I haven’t seen them since February. I’m not going in but I’ll chat through the window.

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