daily recap · what we ate

Day 120: Sandwiches & Pasta

I visited my parents through a door, wearing masks, for the first time since February. It was good to see them and I delivered a big stack of magazines for my mom and some ornaments and magnets I made. They sent me home with some snacks and baked goods they made.

For lunch I had another mortadella sandwich. Then for dinner Matt made a pasta with Malabar spinach, eggplant and sausage from the Italian market. We have so many leftovers! I think we will turn it into a baked pasta dish over the weekend. We also have a lot plain, uncooked pasta left because Matt made the whole box but then didn’t use it all.

Non-food related activities:

First outing since early March that wasn’t to an Aldi! I listened to Gee Thanks, Just Bought It in the car.

We watched Escape to Witch Mountain and Bedknobs and Broomsticks before our Disney+ subscription runs out.

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