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Day 121: Gimbap & Country Fried Steak

The best thing about weekends now is that Matt does most of the cooking. We made tuna gimbap. It wasn’t quite as good as what we get at our favorite spot but it was close! We have literally 98 more pieces of gim to use up so I think we will make it again!

For dinner he made chicken fried steak with gravy, mashed potatoes and glazed thumbelina carrots from our produce box. It was so good! We had never made it before but it was a nice treat and surprisingly easy. I had frozen the cube steak last month and it defrosted really quickly and was perfect in the meal. I’ve been trying to buy different cuts of meat than usual to try them out in case there is a disruption in the supply. I’ve never been to the store where they had nothing but something has always been missing. The rest of the ingredients are all just staples we’d have anyway.

Non-food related activities:

The fishing tourney in ACNH, of course.

We watched The Net (Netflix DVD) because Carl Reiner loved it so much but I truly don’t know why. We also rented Sneakers to make it a 1990s hacker movie double feature and that was much better.

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