daily recap · what we ate

Day 127: Cheetos & Oreos

Today I had a can of soup for lunch and some Cheetos. Matt had mi goreng. For dinner we reheated the chili from Wednesday. We had a ton since Matt didn’t eat any Wednesday. It was nice not to have to really cook!

We also tried some new marshmallow Oreos. The had marshmallows in the cookie part! We haven’t had much snack foods for months but I put some in one of our pantry orders. It was nice to have a treat I didn’t bake myself.

Non-food related activities:

It seems like Matt has a sinus infection (he did a telehealth appointment) so he’s on antibiotics. Hopefully that clears up soon!

We watched Babylon Berlin on Netflix. I’m enjoying season 3! I like the movie set angle.

I’m trying to get some reading done. I have a bunch of ARC, new books from the library and we are a month into the library summer reading challenge and I’m only at 18 books.

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