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Day 128: Blueberry Pancakes & Tacos

I realized that I’m not totally sure I had ever had blueberry pancakes before. I always order a short stack because I hate to waste food and rarely can eat more than two pancakes and most places don’t offer fruit pancake as a short stack. I know I haven’t made them myself as I’ve maybe made pancakes 10 times in my life.

Matt made them using the King Arthur Flour recipe and the griddle I got over the winter and never used. So good!

For dinner he grilled chicken thighs with the last of the charcoal. I made a quick pickled cabbage/carrot/onion for the topping and made tacos. He also grilled some eggplant for tomorrow.

Non-food related activities:

Matt mowed a lot of the yard.

I have a headache so we watched a little Babylon Berlin on Netflix and switched to Father Brown on Britbox .

I don’t know where the weekend days go. I feel like we don’t do much or sleep in terribly late but it’s always like 11 pm before I know it.

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