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Day 129: White Bean Fritters & Grits

For lunch Matt made some zucchini-cannellini bean fritters and pocketless pita (using this recipe) and I made baba ganoush with the eggplant he grilled yesterday. I love using up things we have on hand to make something new.

For dinner he made more patties out of the pork leftover from Thursday. We had a great pork shoulder at Sylvain in NOLA years ago that was basically discs of fried pulled pork. This was a pretty good recreation and a really fun way to use up leftover country pork ribs. We had it with (bagged) salad and grits.

Not a lot of leftovers from this weekend but we used up a lot in a great way.

Non-food related activities:

Honestly, a big nap. I finished a book last night at around 3 am according to the app and Matt’s hasn’t been sleeping thanks to his ear infection. Even Lulu didn’t feel great.

I bought the new eco expansion pack for the Sims on sale so I installed that. I like to read or listen to podcasts while playing so that will be fun.

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