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Day 130: Cherries & Kale

For lunch I made some mi goreng with leftover grilled chicken and the half of zucchini we had left from making the bean fritters Sunday.

For dinner Matt made pork chops with a double batch of kale wild rice pilaf. We have a big pork chop left and a ton of rice so I’m seeing some easy meals ahead.

I had some cherries after dinner. Not as sweet as I would have hoped! I might try to make something else with what I have left. They were fine in the pork dish last week but not that great out of hand.

Matt’s antibiotics were upsetting his stomach so we had some yogurt delivered along with some more pantry type items that were back in stock. It’s amazing how much food you go through when you are making every single meal.

Non-food related activities/thoughts:

It’s the hottest it’s been so far so Matt has decamped a bit to the bedroom to work. We don’t have central air conditioning and only have the bedroom unit upstairs. Downstairs we have an oddly open floor plan for a 1930s house and one air conditioner can cool the whole level pretty comfortably except in the kitchen when we are actually cooking.

I’m suspicious of how careful my parents are around my brother when he apparently visits. He has eaten outside during his visits but he’s also showing my mom stuff on his phone and seems to be doing a lot of unnecessary shopping like buying a super cheap table at IKEA. Both my parents are super high risk and already have to come in contact with people to get medicine and food and home health care workers. I don’t know why he is going into their house at all. This time he also brought a friend. It doesn’t make much sense to me. My mom needs my dad for her care and if he got sick I don’t know who they think is going to be able to take care of them. Even for my brother and his wife, I don’t know why they’d want to risk illness when they don’t have to. They work from home. They don’t have children. There is a lot out about younger adults getting a mild case and being sick for months or having permanent damage. Why risk exposing yourself or exposing other people for no good reason?

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