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Day 131: Chicken Somen & Popcorn

Produce delivery day! Some lovely basil and beets. I have to admit to being annoyed at Washington Green Grocer for including potatoes in the box in July, the month when possibly the most produce is in season at the same time in this area. The box isn’t cheap and I can get 5 lbs of potatoes for $2. I want July produce! The old owners were so nice, organized and responsive. I really miss them!

For lunch I made chilled somen with chicken I cooked in chili garlic sauce, ginger and soy and zucchini and kohlrabi. We have a lot of chicken left.

For dinner Matt made himself some noodles and cottage cheese with tomato sauce she made with some of the basil and I had popcorn.

Non-food related thoughts/activities:

We keep seeing pictures of people who say they are taking things seriously and socially distancing but taking pictures hugging clients, vacationing etc. This is why we can’t go anywhere and Maryland has been banned from traveling to New York without quarantining.

More reading. We watched Grantchester. It was good season! Lots of dark backstories for some reoccurring characters.

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