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Day 132: Beet Greens & Quesadillas

For lunch I chopped up some beet greens (I sautéd the stems first with the giant spring onions and garlic), yellow cherry tomatoes (I bought at Aldi on June 17th!), red pepper flakes, leftover watercress and a bit of ricotta and tossed it with some pasta. We have a fair amount left and some more plain cooked pasta too. This week has been good for leftovers! I don’t have much in the way of meat that I have to use up ASAP right now so that has helped. I froze a lot last week and the rest of it is in vacuum packs and sell by next week or later. The German sausages are sell by October!

After lunch I made buttermints. I’ve craving them after reading a book that has a scene where one of the characters was eating them. It was surprisingly easy! I added a little vanilla which I think makes them taste more like what I remember but which wasn’t in the recipes I found. I tried some of the scraps but they have to set up overnight.

Matt made quesadillas with the one leftover pork chop from Monday and some mushrooms.

Non-food related activities:

Watched more Babylon Berlin. Neither episode was terribly stressful so I’m worried what peril that next ones will bring.

Huge storm today! Apparently a bus floated away not far from our house but nothing seemed to have leaked here and the yard looks okay!

We ordered new sheets and they came! It’s so nice to sleep on fresh sheets. I realized that one of our old sets (that is still in fine shape!) is one I ordered from the Delia*s catalogue way before I got married. Ha!

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