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Day 134: Basil Pasta & Hot Dogs

We did get a big storm this evening! Afterward the light was really eerie!

For lunch I chopped up the rest of the basil and added it to the leftover ricotta/greens pasta from Wednesday. I also baked a take and bake loaf I bought last week to use that up.

After lunch I made more Rice Krispies Treats with all the toppings.

For dinner we had hot dogs (from the pack we opened earlier in the month), Aldi knock off tater tots (the trick is to bake them a couple minutes extra) and steamed broccoli, for health.

This week has been mostly pretty easy meals! I froze a bunch of meat right after shopping and everything else had very far off expiration dates. It was nice not to be under too much pressure to make a specific food.

We are still having some issues with our Washington Green Grocer boxes. The food keeps going bad quickly. The peaches were moldy the next day and the green beans were moldy in two days. There is a limit on how much produce we can eat in a single day! We also don’t know when it is going to arrive on Tuesdays so we can’t really plan meals on Tuesday around it so often Wednesday is the first day we can really eat any of it anyway. It’s so wasteful to be throwing all that food out. And expensive!

Non-food related activities:

Still trying to get a lot of reading done. Two new books came in from the (digital) library on the same day.

Watched more Watchman.

Continued listening to You’re Wrong About while cooking and washing dishes .

Matt had to work in the evening so that broke things up. Hopefully that’s it for the weekend!

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