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Day 138: Beef and Mash & Chicken Burgers

Produce delivery day is always exciting! Unfortunately the red Russian kale was missing but the extra mushrooms I ordered were there.

For lunch I had leftover beef from Monday and mashed potatoes from Sunday. There wasn’t much left of either. Matt didn’t feel great so he had noodles and cottage cheese.

For dinner I made chicken burgers with ground chicken, paprika, fennel seed, oregano and a tomato cucumber salad with pearl mozzarella. All very good! Bonus: used up some old Kaiser rolls.

Tomorrow I’m going to make this soup again because I was craving it. Who cares if it is July? I don’t have quite all of the ingredients I used in April so I’ll have to improvise a bit.

Non-food related activities:

No much! It was hot. I watched Stateless on Netflix while Matt worked in the afternoon and then we tried the Mary Higgins Clark series (French) on Mhz after dinner but it wasn’t very good.

I’m trying to think of what to do about my birthday next month. Normally we try to go on vacation that week so Matt is off but obviously that’s off the table.

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