what we ate

Day 147: Tuna Pasta & Neoguri

Went to Aldi today! It was a pretty good shop. Some things like refried beans were back in stock all though I did feel like a lot of the canned goods were low, especially since today was the first day of the ad. The dates on the meat were really good, I didn’t get anything that sell by before the 10th. They also had some halloumi and this snake plant for $3.

We actually got a Weis delivery today too—condiments, cottage cheese, crackers, pasta. I want to be set for most of the month now because Matt’s off for a week around my birthday and next Wednesday we have our eye exams so I can’t shop then. I don’t want to spend the whole week he’s off shopping. I also think things might get worse in September so I want to get what is available now.

This month will be more outings than usual between the eye appointment, hopefully picking up new glasses and a trip to the seafood market for my birthday. Matt’s aiming to go to Costco this week too because some of our medication is on sale and it’s too hot to have it shipped. Fingers crossed he can get bacon and charcoal too. It all makes me nervous, especially the eye stuff but what can you do? I think it will only get worse when school goes back in the fall.

For lunch we had the tuna pasta salad I made yesterday. Matt didn’t feel great later so he had steamed shrimp on rice and I had some shrimp with some neoguri with spinach added.

Non-food related activities:

Animal Kingdom season 4 is on Prime streaming. I can’t resist a show about a surfing criminal family. It’s a good thing to watch while I’m doing something else.

I got a bunch of stuff to review from Influenster in the mail! Three (full sized!) Drunk Elephant hair products and some philosophy moisturizer. Score!

We watched most of Frankie on Netflix dvd but it was bad (despite the cast and location) so we turned it off.

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