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Day 148: Wraps & Sandwiches

I’m so glad (and lucky!) that we can buy a lot of goods at once to minimize shopping trips. It does make the trips sort of stressful because you are trying to think of everything you might need in the future too.

Matt took a couple hours off and went to Costco for the first time since February. He got wraps for lunch and a rotisserie chicken. Food someone else made! Wow.

Our fridge/freezer is so full. One false move and everything falls out. We’ve never done a Aldi shop, a Weis delivery and Costco all at the same time. The only fresh things Matt got was lox, nectarines and corn and the nectarines don’t need to be refrigerated. I broke down the chicken and had to lay it on top of condiments.

Matt bought OTC medicine, rolls, and cleaning supplies so we should be pretty well set for awhile. I keep thinking things are going to be really bad in the fall so I want to be prepared. We aren’t hoarding but rather than waiting until we run out of something or get really low, we are buying new when we open a new package.

For dinner we made chicken sandwiches with garlic aioli and had some surprisingly good Costco corn on the cob.

Non-food activities:

We watched more Damnation on Netflix.

Matt had some work to do on his annual self-assessment.

I finished Laura Lippman’s new book of essays. I like her books a lot more than I like her, I think. Her husband sounds like a jerk and she has some serious issues around eating and her image that she doesn’t seem to have actually dealt with.

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