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Day 149: Sandwiches & Meatloaf

My mom had to go to the hospital today for having seizures. She seemed fine yesterday. We talked at great length about dogs and the library and books. She even managed to type out a list of books she thought I’d like on her kindle and email it to me. They don’t know what’s going on, her blood tests/CT scan and lumbar puncture came back okay. She’s been on medication for swelling in her brain but they hadn’t been worried about it. She just had a good check up. She is sedated and we can’t visit because of the pandemic.

Anyway! I woke up today. I managed to make myself a chicken sandwich for lunch (Matt made chicken rice in the rice cooker) and a meatloaf with Ritz crackers (inspired by Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu), baked potatoes and corn on the cob.

We have been looking for a puppy/dog so I did an order of some dog items on Amazon and did a Target order of toiletries and some organizational bins to serve as an ad hoc pantry. I’ve only been buying a couple of each item but we have little storage space. I feel like we are spending money like drunken sailors but it’s all stuff we need and will use. Plus we haven’t spent much money for months. We aren’t getting take out, going anywhere or doing anything. Apparently that is a great way to save money. Normally this month we’d be on vacation for a week.

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