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Day 150: Noodles & Pork & Butter Mochi

Somehow I managed to make chocolate-butterscotch butter mochi while discussing my mom’s unchanging condition at the hospital and how I told them not to do any heroic measures (which the PA said was best) with my dad. And the butter mochi turned out just fine. Perfectly even. Even though I ended up having to whisk it though a sieve after noticing a bit of cooked egg after I put it in the pan—all while talking on the phone. I am a modern marvel.

Right now, they’ve put her on some more medicine to help with the seizures and apparently she has been awake a tiny bit and talking but they don’t know what tomorrow’s EKG will bring. The doctor is calling me first and I’m the one who has to make all of the decisions so that’s unpleasant. My dad was like “it’s so nerve-wracking waiting for them to call and trying to figure out what they mean, it’s better and less stressful they call you and then you tell me.” Not better for me! But he is hard of hearing and has a hard time following conversations sometimes so it makes sense. My brother doesn’t seem to want to be very involved in it? Oy.

Anyway! We can’t visit her thanks to the pandemic and they are only calling us once a day so we are just going about the day as usual. We finished off the Costco chicken with some A-sha Tainan-style Noodles that Matt brought at Costco (2 boxes of 10, good thing we liked them) and green onions.

Matt smoked a small (4 lb?) pork butt most of the day and then finished it off in the oven but it still wasn’t pull apart texture. We sliced some for sandwiches because we were hungry, turned up the oven and roasted it some more. Now it’s pull apart texture like 3 hrs late. The leftover will be good though. We used this rub/method which we’ve done tons of time. I don’t understand what happened! Matt was upset about it but I was mostly happy for food I didn’t have to make. We had chips (Utz, obvi) and bagged salad with it.

Non-food related activities:

Puppy proofing! Our house is small and old with no pantry. I got some big plastic totes to put some things in that would normally be on low, open shelves. It’s not pretty but it’s not like we are entertaining anyway!

We watched some Kingdom and the last episode of Damnation on Netflix.

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