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Day 154: Puppies & Hot Dogs

Yesterday was a long day without much food. I have Crohn’s and I often don’t eat before the eye doctors so I don’t have to go to the bathroom during an exam (I can’t really see without my contacts/glasses). Now with the pandemic, it’s been tricky because there are even fewer bathrooms available. Anyway, Matt had some cream of rice for breakfast but I didn’t have anything.

Our eye appointment went fine, they were very cautious and I was able to order very much needed contacts and glasses. Matt got contacts. They had problems with the order software so we were there for a few hours.

We got approved for a puppy from a rescue in PA so we had an appointment to meet her in the afternoon. We ran home from the doctor’s and had to head out to the farm where the rescue was with Lulu to meet her. That was over an hour away. It was weird being out together, we haven’t been anywhere together since a dinner on March 8th!

The meet and greet went well and we brought home the puppy! She is so cute! Not 100% on the name though. Her rescue name is Buttercup.

Immediately after getting home we fed the girls then we made hot dogs and tater tots and had nectarines.

Other activities:

We listened to the new episodes of David Tennant Does a Podcast and some of Mobituaries to and from the rescue. Then we watched some Father Brown on Britbox because it requires no brain power and played with the puppy.

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