daily recap · what we ate

Day 157: Bacon Chicken Burgers & Pupusas

For lunch Matt made chicken burgers topped with caramelized onions and smoked cheddar.

For dinner he made pupusas with loroco and some seasoned black beans.

Non-food related activities:

A neighbor gave us a baby pool after I posted to the neighborhood group on Facebook that I was looking for one. Mitzi keeps trying to swim in Lulu’s bowl! It was a big hit.

I’m still trying to get ahold of my mom. They put her on the phone but all she managed to say was “hello Rachel”. I still haven’t heard from a nurse. I have no idea what she is doing at rehab or how she is.

I started the latest Viveca Sten novel.

We watched some Father Brown. That does not require much brain power. One had murder dollhouses and multiple personalities! I like it when they just go for it.

I figured out some banking for my dad so I think we can skip the in-person appointment I had made. Yay! This has been a month of a ton of in-person errands and I’d like to not add one more.

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