daily recap · what we ate

Day 165: BLTs & Pizza

For lunch we had BLTs with a yellow tomato.

For dinner Matt made pizza. He followed the instructions in the book for the first time and used less yeast and they came out pretty flat. Still tasty though! We used kalamata olives, sopresseta and capicola for toppings and mozz, parm and aged provolone for the cheese!

I’m a bit worried about our salt intake but I figure it has to be lower overall then when we were getting food at/from restaurants before. I’m trying not to dip into our freezer stash so when it’s been a bit since I’ve been to the store (it’s been almost 3 weeks) so I’m limited to what has better expiration dates and we have left.

Non-food related activities:

Got some reading done.

Started the final season of Mr. Robot (Netflix DVD). I can’t believe they killed off the blond muppet looking one so early on!

Trying to tire out the puppy is a full time job. Tomorrow we are going to crate her while Matt works and I return my new glasses and get a flu shot. I want her to be comfortable in the crate now so it isn’t a big deal when we leave in the future.

The people at my mom’s rehab are driving me nuts. They are acting like it’s a big deal about her paper work but they waited a week to email it to me from a nonfunctioning email address, requiring me to call them twice before they said to mail it in. Now the same guy called whining about it and asked if I could email it to him. No, it’s in the mail! I don’t have it anymore. Plus they called my brother about someone at the rehab when he is not their contact about someone having Covid 19 and he didn’t tell us until I emailed him about mom having pneumonia. I’m really exhausted about all this.

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