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Day 166: Pizza & Steak, Red Rice and Squash

Today was exhausting. I started off trying to get replacement glasses for the funhouse mirror ones that I just bought and that was an ordeal. Now I’m waiting for the tech to order some different frames to try with new lens so that’s going to drag on.

Then I went to get a flu shot at Safeway and while there my contact went to the wrong part of my eye. I didn’t have any way to wash my hands so I had to check out and go home with one eye shut.

I came home and we had leftover pizza for lunch.

Then the rehab called and said my mom was breathing funny and they sent her to the hospital. They never called to tell me which hospital so Matt tracked her down. Then when I talked to the nurse they said she was breathing fine and that she didn’t seem to have pneumonia? I don’t know what is going on with the rehab at all. It’s a strange place filled with disorganized people.

For dinner, I made red rice and a patty pan squash casserole. They bake for about the same amount of time so that was nice! Matt made steak. Now we can have leftovers of the sides for lunch tomorrow if we want.

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