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Day 163: Mortadella & Haemul Pajeon

For lunch we had the “Matt Special” mortadella sandwiches from Mastellone’s. Matt went there in the morning to pick up some Italian ingredients we were low on.

For dinner Matt made seafood pajeon. It was a good use of mixed frozen seafood and the spring onions I bought at the farm stand Tuesday.

Non-food related activities:

We took a long nap.

Mitzi likes to play fetch! We’ve four dogs over the years and now, finally number five fetches! It’s a great way to tire her out at home since we can’t take her anywhere.

We watched some Father Brown on Britbox. We’ve been pretty exhausted lately.

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Day 162: Steamed Crabs & Crab Rice

Since it’s our “vacation” we got steamed crabs, coddies and clam strips from Conrad’s market. The hot food was okay and the crabs were tasty and heavy but the spice was very heavy on the black pepper.

For dinner Matt made crab rice with some leftover corn and fresh okra I had bought on Tuesday. I had bought some claw meat in case we wanted that in the crab cake and didn’t end up using it. So good!

Non-food related activities:

I went to my parents’ house to drop off cake for my dad and pick up some mail/look over paperwork.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 160: Pork & Corn on the Cob

Today I went to the farm stand out in Kingsville and picked up produce and some house plants. Then I went to the seafood market to pick up crab meat and soft crabs for my birthday tomorrow.

For lunch I just had a can of soup and Matt has yesterday’s leftovers. For dinner we had the boneless pork ribs I made Sunday. Matt had it on rice and I had baked potatoes and corn on the cob.

The rest of the day was spent prepping food for tomorrow.

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Day 158: Leftovers & Ravioli

For lunch I had four different leftovers— a chicken burger, hummus, broccoli and naan. Matt had leftover chicken tenders with leftover spinach/mushroom wild rice pilaf.

Friday I had roasted some cherry tomatoes that were looking rough so we heated them up with onion, garlic and capers and tossed them with some smoked salmon ravioli from Costco and some Aldi smoked salmon.

I made some boneless pork country ribs in the slow cooker for Tuesday’s dinner with sesame oil, onions and chile-garlic sauce. I want to prep food for my birthday (Wednesday) on Tuesday so this will be one thing done. Plus they were sell by the 18th so now they are cooked and will keep a little longer. Our freezer is so full. I think I can fit a pound of ground chicken in there but that’s it.

Non-food related activities:

Mostly cleaning and puppy training.

We watched some more Kingdom on Netflix.

Laundry!! I ordered more masks because I realized we really don’t have enough. One of Matt’s straps snapped while we were waiting for our eye appointment last week and he ended up using two yesterday because he unexpectedly had to pick up his prescription in person (the one they delivered was wrong) and when he picked up the puppy pool from the neighbors’ house, they were on the lawn, unmasked. Since we had only been going out once every few weeks until now it hasn’t been an issue. But I know this week we have to take Mitzi to the vet for a round of puppy shots, the fish market and the produce stand since the produce boxes have been 50% things we don’t like lately and it’s our “vacation” and my birthday this week so we’d like something special. Then our glasses/my contacts should in next week and it will be time for another trip to Aldi. Time passes so oddly. Since we are only too people we don’t do laundry that frequently!

daily recap · what we ate

Day 157: Bacon Chicken Burgers & Pupusas

For lunch Matt made chicken burgers topped with caramelized onions and smoked cheddar.

For dinner he made pupusas with loroco and some seasoned black beans.

Non-food related activities:

A neighbor gave us a baby pool after I posted to the neighborhood group on Facebook that I was looking for one. Mitzi keeps trying to swim in Lulu’s bowl! It was a big hit.

I’m still trying to get ahold of my mom. They put her on the phone but all she managed to say was “hello Rachel”. I still haven’t heard from a nurse. I have no idea what she is doing at rehab or how she is.

I started the latest Viveca Sten novel.

We watched some Father Brown. That does not require much brain power. One had murder dollhouses and multiple personalities! I like it when they just go for it.

I figured out some banking for my dad so I think we can skip the in-person appointment I had made. Yay! This has been a month of a ton of in-person errands and I’d like to not add one more.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 156: Chicken Tenders & Wild Rice

For lunch Matt had leftover Mochiko chicken and I had frozen shrimp.

For dinner Matt made wild rice pilaf with spinach and mushrooms and baked chicken tenders made with Old Bay hot sauce.

So much coordinating my mom’s care. I’m exhausted.

The puppy is a delight! I caught her trying to swim in Lulu’s water dish. She is already learning her name and is doing well with house training!

daily recap · what we ate

Day 155: Hot Dogs & Mochiko Chicken

The puppy slept through the night! Dare I hope for the same today?

For lunch we finished off the hot dogs and had nectarines. For dinner Matt made rice, mochiko chicken and steamed broccoli. Normally I wouldn’t have fried chicken and hot dogs in the same day but I am beat.

All day was spent on the phone with my dad, the social worker, my brother and the rehab my mom will be headed to tonight. In good news, we found her eyeglasses! They also said I would be able to FaceTime with her once she gets settled.

I somehow managed for finish a book and start another.

Watched some more Father Brown. I don’t think we have the energy for much more!

daily recap · what we ate

Day 154: Puppies & Hot Dogs

Yesterday was a long day without much food. I have Crohn’s and I often don’t eat before the eye doctors so I don’t have to go to the bathroom during an exam (I can’t really see without my contacts/glasses). Now with the pandemic, it’s been tricky because there are even fewer bathrooms available. Anyway, Matt had some cream of rice for breakfast but I didn’t have anything.

Our eye appointment went fine, they were very cautious and I was able to order very much needed contacts and glasses. Matt got contacts. They had problems with the order software so we were there for a few hours.

We got approved for a puppy from a rescue in PA so we had an appointment to meet her in the afternoon. We ran home from the doctor’s and had to head out to the farm where the rescue was with Lulu to meet her. That was over an hour away. It was weird being out together, we haven’t been anywhere together since a dinner on March 8th!

The meet and greet went well and we brought home the puppy! She is so cute! Not 100% on the name though. Her rescue name is Buttercup.

Immediately after getting home we fed the girls then we made hot dogs and tater tots and had nectarines.

Other activities:

We listened to the new episodes of David Tennant Does a Podcast and some of Mobituaries to and from the rescue. Then we watched some Father Brown on Britbox because it requires no brain power and played with the puppy.