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Day 177: Shrimp & Bison Burgers

Today was awful. I went to order new eyeglasses and while I was there my mom’s nurse called and said she wasn’t doing well. I finished up and went home.

I made some frozen shrimp for a quick lunch. Then I called my dad again to say we were coming over and he answered and said my mom had just died.

Of course we rushed over and stayed with him. I made all the arrangements and then we came home. It’s all a bit surreal.

We weren’t sure what to do about dinner but figured it would be about as quick to make something as it would be to figure out a place that was open for take out. Anyway, we came home and Matt made bison burgers, tots and we had a bagged salad.

Then we made brownies. My mom had such a sweet tooth and loved to bake!

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