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Day 183: Pimento Cheese & Roasted Eggplant

I found diced pimentos at Weis yesterday and we already had a good bit of cheddar so what better lunch than pimento cheese? I added a little ground Kashmiri pepper to the mix to my usual recipe. We also tried some fake Doritos from Aldi and they were basically like the real thing. I think Frito-Lay makes the Aldi brand snacks anyway.

I woke in the middle of the night with an awful migraine but I felt better by the afternoon.

For dinner we had leftover rotisserie chicken, roasted eggplant, quartered cucumber and naan and Matt made a spicy tahini sauce for it all, similar to what I make for soba noodles.

It was so dreary all day!

I spent most of the day looking up stuff for my dad.

In the evening we watched That Touch of Mink (Netflix dvd) which had some great automat scenes. Somehow I had never seen it before.

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