daily recap · what we ate

Day 186: Lox & Chicken Tenders

Our eating habits have changed a bit due to the pandemic. No take out and no eating in restaurants has meant an increase in simpler food. Plus the stress of my mother’s declining health and then death really has put a damper on cooking the last month. And puppy training! Oy! I feel like I never get a moment’s peace.

We’ve been eating more mi goreng or other non-fried instant noodles, more smoked salmon, more chicken breast (baked tenders are so easy!), more soba and more wild rice pilaf. Plus I haven’t had as much fruit or variety of produce as I usually would. The produce box hasn’t been great and the local farmers are way outside of the city.

For brunch we had smoked salmon with cream cheese on leftover bread from Costco and hard boiled eggs.

For dinner Matt made wild rice pilaf with spinach and baked homemade chicken tenders.

We watched The Long Goodbye on Prime.

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