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Day 189: Shrimp & Jjapaguri

I had to pick up my eyeglasses (it has been an ordeal, they finally seem okay) so I came home and quickly made some frozen shrimp. I’m always amazed at how crispy they are. It’s not much different than a shrimp basket at the sub shop.

Flowers were delivered from Matt’s work which was nice of them! My mom really like carnations so it was good to see them in the mix.

For dinner I made some beef country style ribs in the slow cooker with Korean pear, gochujang, and soy sauce. Then we made jjapaguri and added the beef to it in an homage to Parasite. How did that win best picture less than a year ago?! I also made some pattypan squash as a side.

I did a ton of work on my mom’s estate again. I really look forward to filing. It’s pretty simple; almost everything was co-owned with my dad but with Covid it’s really hard to get anyone on the phone and everything has to be done remotely. I also am having a lot of trouble figuring out how they paid for their home owners insurance and car insurance and it’s due. I can’t get them to contact me either. My mom handled it and my dad isn’t sure. There is no canceled check and it doesn’t seem like a debit card or auto payment but an electronic check?? IDK

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