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Day 206: Lox on German Sourdough & Lamb Chops

I bought what was labeled “German sourdough” at Lidl and I was right, it was rye sourdough! It was very good with some smoked salmon from Aldi.

For dinner Matt made a baked cauliflower potato dish from the Martha Stewart site. I bet it was originally some “lighter Thanksgiving” or whatever recipe because it was a little short on cheese and they had you layer shredded cheese and the vegetables and use a little bit of broth over making a creamy sauce. We also had lamb chops. It was all very good! The lamb chops were ones I froze over the summer and they defrosted well. Our freezer is so packed we really need to start rotating more stuff out.

We watched Inheritance and it was awful but it was fun to see Simon Pegg chant a key lime pie recipe, even if if it called for whipped topping.

We also watched some of The Split on Sundance. I had watched the first season years ago when it aired but the second season is now coming out so I’m rewatching it with Matt.

I got some hammock time in and read two whole books, finished one more and started a fourth!

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