daily recap · what we ate

Day 209: Sushi & Sausages

We did a HUGE H Mart shop! We should be pretty well set for a long time. I wish we had room in the freezer for dumplings though! It really is better then I am there for the shopping, Matt did an okay job there during the spring but I was able to get the various pickles and things I had wanted before that he couldn’t find or wasn’t sure about.

We picked up random sushi in the prepared section for lunch. Grocery store sushi has never tasted so good!

For dinner we had German style mashed potatoes (riced, with nutmeg), German “wieners“ from Aldi and cucumber salad.

We watched some Sanditon (Netflix dvd).

The new Tana French book is out so I started that! I bought it which is very rare because I didn’t want to wait and the Pratt hadn’t preordered it but then of course the Pratt suddenly brought it and checked it out to me. Ugh. Oh well, I might reread it at some point.

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