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Day 211: Steamed Crabs

Since Matt is on vacation and it was nice weather we got steamed crabs for lunch! We tried a new place, Crabs Down Under, and they were really tasty. October is a great month for crabs and luckily it was still warm.

I had put up some beef country ribs with Korean pear and gochujang before I went to the courthouse to drop off my mom’s estate paperwork. I also went to Trader Joe’s, I drove by and the parking lot was empty so I took advantage. I don’t know when I might get back so I stocked up. Our house is really packed with food right now.

For dinner I had the ribs, some sautéd mushrooms and greens and rice. Matt didn’t feel great so he had rice and eggs.

We watched this week’s episodes of The Split and One Lane Road on Sundance.

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