daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 214: Crumpets & Cottage Pie

For lunch we had crumpets (from Trader Joe’s) and lox scrambled eggs.

For dinner Matt made cottage pie out of the leftover mashed potatoes, leftover mushrooms/greens and Korean inspired ribs from last week and some extra bok choy.

We really made the most of a lot of leftovers today! I am trying to make it another week without a huge shop. We bought a lot at Trader Joe’s/H Mart this week but it was really a lot of sauces and ingredients to make meals with, not the main ingredients. We had a small Amazon fresh delivery with some ingredients I couldn’t find elsewhere for a project and milk today.

We watched How to Build a Girl on Netflix DVD and some more of the Agatha Christie French show on Mhz.

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