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Day 217: Sardine Salad & Steak

This morning I had to get my dad to sign some paperwork and drop it off.

Then I swung by Aldi to get the pillow I wanted to try and they had ground chicken and kettle corn seasoning so I grabbed that too. Normally today would be my big Aldi shop but we had enough from H Mart/Trader Joe’s that I think I can put it off until next Wednesday.

For lunch I made a quick sardine salad and Matt had some canned soup because he had a lot of meetings.

For dinner I roasted the huge broccoli I got from the farm stand near where we went apple picking and Matt made wild rice pilaf with watercress and we split a huge steak.

I made some Chex mix.

My new kindle arrived today so I am looking forward to trying it out!

I’m getting closer to catching up with You’re Wrong About. I’ve skipped a couple episodes but not many. I had recently watched a documentary about Lorena Bobbitt so I didn’t feel like listening to that one and I’m tired of medical stuff so I skipped Terri Schiavo.

We watched Batman Returns (Netflix dvd) which neither of us had seen and boy is it bad! I like the pink apartment but why was the Penguin so sexual and sexist? Why was there no plot? Tim Burton is strange and often not very good at his job. What a waste of money.

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