daily recap · what we ate

Day 221: Biscuits & Slaw

For breakfast Matt made drop biscuits from the Joy of Cooking (an excuse to use the biscuit cozy I made for him years ago), scrambled eggs and the leftover homemade sausage.

We should have made lunch but we didn’t and were very hungry at dinner time. We had hot dogs, Matt made some slaw and baked potatoes. He also made brownies with the caramels we had leftover from making caramel apples.

Mitzi lost another tooth!

We watched Black is King on Disney+ which somehow was not canceled when I know I canceled it in July. Then we tried While You Were Sleeping on Hulu which is an odd K-drama and an episode of the Agatha Christie French drama on Mhz. Matt’s back hurts so we weren’t up to much this weekend.

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