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Day 229: Roasted Mushrooms & Gnocchi

For lunch we had mi goreng with leftover rotisserie chicken and I added leftover broccoli to mine.

For dinner I roasted a pound of mushrooms with garlic, lemon juice and capers, heated up some packaged gnocchi (tossed fresh baby spinach in the water as it cooked) and tossed with some sun-dried tomato pesto from Aldi. I also made pork chops. It was all very good and different than the usual. I’m really trying to mix in some pantry items with each dinner when I can to rotate them out. It’s easy for me to fall into the mindset of “saving” them for some future meal but if I am going to shop less frequently, that time is now.

I am still worried about rising COVID numbers locally. I’m trying to get set with food and things like cleaning supplies/OTC medication etc. like I did back in February in case we go back to only wanting to shop once every 3-4 weeks with no in-between smaller shops. I really didn’t find doing that too difficult but it is nice to have some more variety and not have to order grocery delivery.

I’ve been having to go out a lot to help my dad and do my mom’s estate paperwork (dropping things in the dropbox at the courthouse) but hopefully that is winding down. My dad hadn’t been up to date with some check ups in the past year after my mom was diagnosed with brain cancer so we thought it was a good idea to get those in-person only appointments in now.

We ordered a tabletop Christmas tree. I’m not sure if the puppy is ready to behave around a tree with all glass ornaments yet. I’d be fine skipping it but Matt really likes it. I guess since he didn’t grow up with one (being Jewish) it’s more of a novelty to him. I don’t love Christmas but it will look nice. We do have a good collection of all food ornaments.

We watched Nocturne, another Blumhouse movie on Amazon and caught up on the PBS shows.

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