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Day 232: Japanese Curry & Fried Rice

We got like 3 inches of rain yesterday so I’m glad they got the roof in! They are supposed to come back tomorrow or Monday to put in the new soffits and gutters. This has to be my least favorite way to spend money.

For lunch I made a quick fried rice with leftover meatballs and rice, and some fresh spinach and arugula. It was surprisingly tasty.

For dinner Matt made Japanese curry with chicken thighs and Korean sweet potatoes. I liked the sauce and the potatoes were good but the chicken was a little chewy. I hope the leftovers are better! I think it needed to simmer more.

I bought a new iPad Air with birthday/Christmas/Hanukkah money from the last couple years and it arrived. It’s so thin! I’m waiting for the keyboard case so I’m a little scared to use it.

It came with a “free” year of Apple Plus streaming so I tried the Jennifer Aniston/Reese Witherspoon show. It’s fun to see them together. I never watched Friends so it’s interesting to see her in a TV show.

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