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Day 233: Baked Ziti

Baked ziti is very ugly.

The workers came back and out up our new downspouts. Apparently they need to come out and do a new estimate for the soffits and fix them next week. I’m tired of the banging, I’ve had a migraine for days.

For lunch we had leftover pork on leftover flatbread.

Matt made baked ziti with chicken meatballs and the leftover turkey pepperoni from pizza making and garlic bread with half a loaf I got from Costco last week.

I’m trying to figure out Thanksgiving this year. I don’t think it’s safe to eat in person so I’m leaning towards cooking food on the Sunday before and taking a plate over to my dad on the day and leaving it. I don’t see how I can cook all morning and be able to eat and drop it off before my dad likes to eat dinner at like 5 pm.

We watched GBBO and it was Japanese week and it managed to be somewhat offensive and clueless at the same time. Has no one there eaten Japanese food? Heard of Japan?

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