daily recap · what we ate

Day 238: Chicken Burgers & Home Fries

I made home fries and added the pork leftover from yesterday (it was a very small pork roast). So good! We had so many potatoes left from over a month ago that I wanted to make something with and home fries was perfect.

The apples we picked in October are still going strong, I just moved them to the enclosed porch where it is a little colder. My grandpop used to keep apples in a basket on the steps that led out to the backyard from his basement apartment in our house. Apples store well!

Matt’s a week into masking at home and sleeping in the craft room after his potential exposure with the roofers last week. All good so far!

For dinner I made chicken burgers with the last of the ground chicken and made meatballs with the rest for our lunch tomorrow. I made blue cheese coleslaw on the side.

We caught up on Death in Paradise on Britbox. I’ve been checking out some of the Apple+ shows since I get a year with my new IPad.

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