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Day 239: Cheese Ramen & Red Beans and Rice

For lunch I added half of the leftover meatballs, a friend egg sprinkled with gochugaru and some watercress to cheese ramen. It was surprisingly photogenic! And tasty! Matt didn’t love it when he tried it before and it did small slightly like movie theater popcorn while it was cooking (milk solids is my guess as the culprit) but I liked it. Added a little gochugaru to the broth too (and didn’t drink all of it because it was a little salty). Matt had his meatballs on mi goreng. Making meatballs with what is leftover from making 2 chicken burgers has been a real genius move on my part, I think. The burgers were always hard to reheat well but the meatballs are easy to toss into noodles or fried rice.

For dinner Matt made red beans and rice from a packet and added it to sautéd chicken andouille, onions and celery. It was tasty! We’ve really had to start exploring some more “semi homemade” meals since we aren’t getting take out (yet, Matt really misses fries) or going to any restaurants.

It’s been a week since Matt talked to the unmasked guy and no symptoms! One week to go.

Tomorrow someone is coming out to give an estimate for fixing/replacing the soffits. Fingers crossed that isn’t much.

Matt is in training so we watched one Shakespeare and Hathaway (Britbox) and went to bed.

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