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Day 241: Ravioli

Costco had the giant pan we need on sale and some other things so I set out this morning. First I stopped at the Pulaski Hwy Aldi and picked up milk, sour cream, rolls, cream cheese, a candle, vegetables, an adjustable turkey rack and Christmas candy and somehow spent almost as much as I have in a week’s worth of groceries. I also got some take and bake garlic knots which I had never seen before. We still have some meat from my last big shop over two weeks ago, if they come to finish the soffits next week I might try to skip the shop I was planning and hold out for the next week. The virus is getting worse and we probably could go another week and a half with what I got.

Then I went to Costco and spent a ton (but not as much as I expected) on medicine, chicken (two so I can make pot pie tomorrow), baking sheets, 2 of the pans we wanted, a ton of bread products, cranberries and a few odds and ends. No toilet paper which seemed weird but I think that would have pushed us over into hoarding territory.

I really don’t want to go back until after the holiday. I said that before but then my medicine was on sale and the pan we haven’t been able to find elsewhere was a special this week. Still no parchment paper though!

I came home and made a sandwich with some of the chicken.

They had one of those huge packs of refrigerated ravioli with sausage (which I don’t think I’ve seen before) for under $6 so I got that. Matt had half for dinner with a simple tomato sauce and the garlic knots. The knots were okay but baked sort of unevenly? Half of each one was pretty good but the other half would be a little chewy and almost fishy tasting.

Then we finally watched a couple episodes of Dickinson on Apple+ and GBBO (Netflix).

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