daily recap · what we ate

Day 242: Smoked Salmon & Chicken Pot Pie

For lunch Matt made us smoked salmon open faced sandwiches with scallion cream cheese, red onion, cucumber and capers using the bread leftover from making shrimp toast last week. So good! I’m glad we’ve been getting smoked salmon, it’s a little pricy but we aren’t spending much money on anything else (besides the roof!!) and we enjoy it.

For dinner Matt made a biscuit chicken pot pie with the rotisserie chicken. It ended up becoming one giant biscuit on top but it was tasty!

We watched more Dickinson on Apple+. It is exactly made for us, I think!

I read an ARC of Crying in H Mart in the afternoon and it was so good! We then fell into a ‘60s Korean pop rabbit hole.

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