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Day 247: Boneless Ribs

For lunch I just had a can of tomato soup with cheese tortellini. It wasn’t bad! I’d get it again, Progesso.

For dinner I made boneless beef ribs in the slow cooker with sort of BBQ sauce seasonings–Montreal seasoning, chili sauce, ground mustard, sliced onion, sliced apple, apple cider vinegar. Then I made brussels sprouts with some very old oranges, red onion and turnips. Matt made this dish using super tiny potatoes I bought at Aldi almost a month ago. Lots of leftovers!

I had a migraine again so I took a nap before dinner.

We watched the new Sofia Coppola movie on Apple Plus. I thought it wasn’t bad but Matt really liked it.

My dad’s doctor wants him to go in for a routine colonoscopy (he’s not having any problems) next week which seems like a bad idea when the infection rate is the highest it’s ever been in Maryland? He’s 70, lives alone and has a pacemaker. How does that make sense? I’m tired of all this.

It has been two weeks since Matt was in unmasked contact with a roofer so he is mask free in the house now. We are still waiting for them to come out and do the soffits. I’m a little annoyed they might be here when I have to do our big Thanksgiving and monthly shop next Wednesday. I can’t park in our driveway and we don’t have much street parking. I don’t want to have to wrestle a turkey down the block. Last time we were basically sealed in the house. I’m planning on making a regular Thanksgiving meal on the 22nd, taking some to my dad on the 23rd to have on actual Thanksgiving since we can’t get together. Matt’s making some Italian food for the actual day.

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