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Day 249: Eggs & Pav Bhaji

For breakfast we combined the leftover potatoes with the leftover Brussels sprouts for sort of a hash to have with Boursin scrambled eggs.

We had lunch too! I had a little fake crab salad on crackers and Matt had noodles and cottage cheese.

For dinner Matt made pav bhaji in the instant pot using that recipes with some tweaks. He made a whole jar of the spice mix so it will be easier to make later. We had it with little brioche rolls from Aldi.

It was good to use the instant pot for something. I don’t think Matt’s really used it himself before. I like the idea of the instant pot but I’ve had issues with food taking much longer than the guidelines say which sort of defeats the point. It takes a while to come to pressure so if you think something (like a big roast) is finished and it isn’t then that adds a lot of time to start that process over again to cook it longer. We’ve had a couple times where we have just had to make something else to eat at the last minute while the meat keeps on cooking.

I’m still sort of headachy. I can’t seem to get on top of it. I am tired of it and it makes it difficult to do anything.

We caught up on Fargo on Hulu.

The virus keeps getting worse.

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